The history of the rolling paper and pre-rolled cone industry

Over the last ten years, the rolling paper and pre-rolled cone industry has boomed. There are now more markets and innovations than ever before, making it an exciting time to be in the smoking industry.   But how much do you actually know about the history of the rolling paper and pre-rolled cones business? Amazingly, […]

Driving success into 2022 for the pre-rolled cone industry

Pre-rolled Cones Future

The global pandemic sent shockwaves around the world, reflected in a turbulent year and huge losses across so many industries. One industry immune to the global shutdown was the pre-rolled cone industry which continued to build on past successes. Here we reflect on the past twelve months and the future-proof nature of this growing industry. […]

Celebrating Mitra Prodin’s 20th Birthday on International Friendship Day

The timing of International Friendship Day is perfect this year, as it coincides with the 20th birthday of Mitra Prodin.   With health protocols in place, we got creative this year to celebrate our birthday and to show you the value of the friendships made within Mitra Prodin. We wanted to share this amazing milestone […]