Commitment to the Community – The Mitra Prodin Difference.

Industry leader in pre-rolled cone manufacturing, Mitra Prodin is also a leading example of industry commitment to community welfare. 

At the forefront of their philanthropic philosophy is their commitment to gender equality. Mitra Prodin has prioritized empowering women in their community through education and employment opportunities. While many other companies give lip service to this idea, Mitra Prodin has organized their operations and manufacturing facility around this principle – earning them the name of ‘The Happy Factory’.


At Mitra Prodin, 1 rupiah from every cone sold goes towards charitable programs.

While Mitra Prodin is renowned for its equity policy, its ongoing commitment to other charitable endeavors is less known. Every month, the Corporate Social Responsibility program at Mitra Prodin ensures that 1 rupiah from every cone sold goes towards charitable programs.

Photo by Yannis H on Unsplash

Supporting differently-abled people through difficult times.

Throughout the COVID pandemic, Mitra Prodin has stepped up its charitable giving, donating wheelchairs and food relief packages to the most vulnerable communities in Bali. 

In June, Mitra Prodin offered help to the foundation Yayasan Cahaya Mutiara by providing food packages. Composed of 40 people with various levels of disability, the foundation empowers them by teaching craft-making & art that they sell on tourist markets. Due to the pandemic, their beautiful art can no longer sell, severely diminishing their income. Mitra Prodin intends to work with them and teach them how to leverage social media for sales and how to grow their brand online.

The Mitra Prodin team also welcomed three valued members this year who are all hearing impaired. The women have been committed to their ongoing education and the employment opportunities at The Happy Factory.

A brighter future starts with education

Every month, Mitra Prodin sponsors scholarships and education programs with the foundation Yayasan Taman Permata Hati – the Bali Orphan Day Centre. This Yayasan provides individual scholarships to children. Mitra Prodin is proud to be a part of this program, contributing towards their education programs each month, as well as providing funds for cooking training and computer science programs. 

In June, funds to the Jodie O’Shea House will be distributed to cover school fees, food, and operation costs of the facilities for the 20 disadvantaged children who live at the House. 

Protecting the Earth is everyone’s responsibility

Single-use plastic and waste management are huge ongoing issues in Bali. Some villages are still struggling with waste management and lack education on the environmental impact of plastic pollution. To keep Bali green, Mitra Prodin will be sponsoring the construction of concrete garbage boxes in remote villages on the slope of Mount Batur volcano this month. 

As the industry leader in pre-rolled cone manufacturing, Mitra Prodin has made the commitment to lead by example. It’s an ongoing engagement to do better, in any and every way, and it’s the Mitra Prodin difference and why The Happy Factory is more than just a name. 

Would you like to make a difference for the people in Bali?

Please visit the websites of the foundations we have supported in June:

Special thanks to: Bapak I Made Mahayastra, Bupati of Gianyar and Ibu Ida Ayu Ketut Surya Adnyani Mahayastra, Ibu Bupati of Gianyar who are an important part of our CSR program, have shown us support and have helped us build a better tomorrow. 

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