How To Pack A Cone

Some smokers enjoy the process of rolling their own pre-rolls, as they have their own unique style or twist, and it’s part of the relaxing smoking ritual. But if you are lacking both the skill and time to do for yourself what others are much, much better at doing for you, pre-rolled cones are the solution for you. Thanks to us, you will never have to roll again. How to use pre-rolled cones and how to pack a cone perfectly?

Packing a cone is pretty simple and fast. Packing a cone without wasting a lot of products, however, is an art. If you decide to pack your own cone, here are some tips from our cone experts.

  1. Make sure you have your product ready, the grind plays a huge part in a good quality packed cone.
  2. Start dropping the product into the cone but remember two important things: hold the filter carefully so you don’t damage it and the paper; and make sure your pack is consistent the whole way to the top. Uneven packing doesn’t burn as well and produces a low-quality cone and unenjoyable smoking experience.
  3. Next you will need to use a packer so all the product sits evenly within the cone. There are packers available on the market, or you can use a chopstick or pencil or something with a blunt end that won’t damage the paper or product.
  4. The final step is the twist or fold at the top!

Now you know how to pack a cone but what happens if you don’t have time? Or patience? Or just want to grab a cone and go? Then pre-rolls are the answer!

Pre-rolls are ready to go, you just choose the cone you want and how many you want –  it’s that simple. Pre-rolled cones are handmade by experts, quality checked during the production process and then bulk packaged to distributors. Our pre-rolled cone team spends six months in training and quality assurance, so our distributors know they are getting excellence in every cone.

Packing many cones at one time requires precision, and automated packing devices ensure a quality pack in every cone every single time. The cones are loaded into the machine, the product is placed in the packing tray, one click of the button, and the dance begins as the product is dropped and tapped into the cone. Twist or fold… the cones are complete!

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