Why choose Mitra Prodin?

Efficiency, innovation and reliability are at our core

At Mitra Prodin, we are experts in delivering quality and quantity, on time. We lead the industry in the innovation of the best pre-rolled cones, offering endless customization of cones, filters and packaging. We ensure all of our products meet strict quality and industry standards.

Expert skills

We craft the best quality pre-rolled cones

We guarantee that every Mitra Prodin pre-rolled cone is crafted with care by expert hands. All our rolling staff complete a six-month training program to fully master the skill on their journey to becoming an expert at manufacturing the industry’s best pre-rolled cones.

Quality control

At every stage of production

Before, during and post production, our first priority is to maintain the highest level of quality for all of our products.

Our team of quality control technicians follow stringent procedures to approve incoming raw materials, the production process and the finished goods. Our rolling team follows strict hygiene procedures, including wearing masks and hair caps when on the work floor.

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