Pre-rolled cones

The best quality cones, hand-rolled by experts

We offer an extensive range of sizes in hand-rolled cones, with different paper types and filter designs. All of our cones have an ultra-thin glue-line for a seamless finish. We enjoy a worldwide reputation for producing the best quality in pre-rolled cones.


Based on market demand, our standard cone sizes cover all bases
pre rolled cones

We are constantly enhancing our pre-rolled cones range in response to industry demands. All cones in our standard range are available to order in a variety of packaging options and we ship to anywhere in the world.

Our cones are designed to be compatible with our range of precision pre-roll cone machines using adaptable accessories for different sizes (e.g., Reefer, KMQ, Fatboy, or Party accessories).

Our quality technicians guarantee our pre-rolled cones are of superior quality and compliant with the highest industry standards.

We can also develop any custom pre-rolled cone size you request. Nothing is too small, too large or too crazy for our expert design and rolling teams.


Only the best quality paper for rolling the best quality cones

Rolling paper quality can make all the difference between a good cone and a great cone. We source the finest translucent, quality assured and environmentally responsible paper from the Czech Republic, tested and proven to provide an ideal slow and even burn to enhance the smoking experience.

Select your preferred paper from our range of thin and ultra-thin wood, hemp and organic hemp papers.

Classic white wood (14 GSM)
Natural brown (14 GSM)
White hemp (14 GSM)
Certified organic natural hemp (14 GSM)

All of our papers are available with or without our proprietary watermark.


A choice of filter types to suit your market

We offer two filter types across our range of standard pre-rolled cones: the spiral and the ‘W’. Both filters boast perfect airflow and eliminate spillage from the cones’ bases to ensure consumer satisfaction.

If you don’t see the combination of cones and filter types you are looking for in our standard range, get in touch with our sales team to discuss your preference.

Filters also offer prime marketing space. We can print logos, or other branding elements, onto filters as part of your custom pre-rolled cones designs.


Pre-roll packaging for the professional and the consumer

As a private label manufacturer and contract manufacturing business, we develop and produce industrial and retail solutions for leading brands across the globe.

Choose from a wide selection of pre-roll packaging and display options to suit the professional and the consumer.

Our packaging solutions for bulk cones are designed specifically for industry professionals. All of our bulk shipments are packaged with care to keep your finished goods safe.