Mitra Prodin manufactures the highest quality cones

What makes Mitra Prodin cones, the highest quality pre-rolled cones in the industry?

Mitra Prodin cones have a well-deserved reputation for being the highest quality, pre-rolled cones available on the market.


We did some research and found that it comes down to a few factors:

  1. Years of experience.
    For over 21 years, our pre-rolled cone factory has been at the forefront of innovation, quality, and customer service for the pre-rolled cones industry. We have accompanied the growth of the most reputable brands, ensuring our customers can compete in an aggressive market through continuous quality control and investment in efficient manufacturing technologies. Our team at the Mitra Prodin factory has extensive experience working to the highest standards, guaranteeing that every single pre-rolled cone meets our exacting standards.

  2. Those exacting standards.
    Every Mitra Prodin cone is hand-rolled at our factory by our pre-rolled cones experts. We do not subcontract any of our pre-rolled cone production, which allows us to guarantee not only the highest but also the most consistent quality on the market. Our factory teams are led by our guru cone rollers, who have spent years researching the market, responding to industry changes, and perfecting the art of rolling. Nobody understands rolling better than our experts, who pass their knowledge onto our rolling teams. All of our cone rollers have extensive training when they first join the rolling team and ongoing quality checks on their hand-rolling of cones. We roll by hand – with machine-quality precision.

  3. Quality assurance at every step of the process.
    Our process includes quality checks and standardization at every step of the rolling process. This means that our quality assurance team is responsible for ensuring that every single pre-rolled cone that leaves the factory is manufactured to exact specifications, without deviation or any room for error. This also applies to our filters and packaging, every product manufactured by us is quality checked and endorsed before it leaves our door.

  4. Highest quality raw materials.
    None of that matters unless the raw materials you are using are of the highest quality from the beginning. We have spent countless hours on R & D, making sure that the papers we use for our pre-rolled cones offer the smoothest burn, are long-lasting, and won’t disappoint even the fussiest smokers. We offer a range of different rolling papers, but all of them have one thing in common – the superior quality of the material. Lab tests on all of our papers are performed in ISO-certified laboratories under the strictest testing standards to ensure they are compliant with the FDA and Canada Health. Our teams also stay abreast of regulatory changes from the CBSA and CBP.

  5. Our range.
    With different styles, shapes, branding, and paper types, we can match anyone’s needs. Whether you are looking for 0.25g pre-rolled cones, 1g pre-rolls, or party pre-rolled cones, we have you covered, and we have filters and packaging to match. Branded packaging can be selected from our existing line of solutions, or we can develop an original concept for your brand.

  6. Customization.
    As the most trusted private label manufacturer for pre-rolled cones, we develop and produce industrial and retail solutions for leading brands across the globe.  From tip to twist, the customization options are endless. Meaning you can create your own personal brand of pre-rolled cones, unique to you and your brand. Our experienced team will ease the creative process and assist you at every stage of the development process.


Our incredible quality and hand-rolling skills, your concept, and your brand.
To talk about your brand and our cones, get in touch today and experience the outstanding quality rolled into every cone.

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