The highest standard in manufacturing pre-rolled cones

We pride ourselves on satisfying quality conscious suppliers and consumers. Our manufacturing teams at Mitra Prodin ensure that all pre-rolled cones are compliant with the highest industry standards, including the FDA and Health Canada. 

Clients appreciate full transparency in all aspects of our production process. CoA, CoC, SDS and batch numbers are provided with every order.

All our raw materials are tested in ISO certified laboratories in the USA and Canada. These lab tests are performed under the strictest testing standards for inhalable products. We also understand the importance of having complete knowledge of all regulations regarding the import and export of pre-rolled cones. To that end, our teams stay abreast of regulatory changes from the CBSA and CBP

As an employer, Mitra Prodin fully supports the anti-poverty program of the Indonesian government. We have several worker’s benefits in place. We also consistently monitor and improve upon our salaries, pension arrangements and health insurance plans in line with government policy.

At Mitra Prodin, the compliance and quality standards are managed by our teams in adherence to global regulations. As the largest manufacturer of pre-rolled cones and custom cones, our factory standards of production from beginning to end ensure that every Mitra Prodin pre-rolled cone is compliant. Lastly, we collaborate closely with clients and raw material suppliers to guarantee that our standards meet the required local regulations

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