What Are the Benefits of Pre-rolls?

Rolling the perfect cone takes practice and time, and the quality of the paper and the skill of the roller can make the difference between a smooth result, and an all-out disaster.

For many, rolling their own cone is not an option due to skill (or lack of), time, or just convenience. With so many changes in the industry, new markets have opened up, and customers have many and varied needs, so the pre-rolled cone market has boomed. Pre-rolled cones have appeared in dispensaries and smoke shops all over the world, both online and in-store, and have become a best-seller across the globe.

You may be wondering what exactly is a pre-roll? And, what makes the best pre-roll? Let's get into that.

A pre-roll is a cone that has been made for consumers to fill at home or for a brand to fill and maintain supply; and brands can maintain their quality supply by using the best filling machines on the market. A pre-roll is convenient, comes in all different sizes and papers, and gives consumers choice. And at Mitra Prodin, our hand-rolling process has been perfected by 20 years of experience and quality assurance, offering brands and consumers the very best in pre-rolled cones.

The advantage of the pre-roll is that they are cleaner-burning than DIY hand-rolled, as they are high quality, smooth and without any loose papers or unevenness. Mitra Prodin cones are consistent and of the highest quality every single time for every single cone.

The Mitra Prodin pre-roll is obviously the top of the market. Our superior paper quality and uncompromised production in our state-of-the-art facility mean that our pre-rolled cones are in demand more than any other similar product on the market. We know your brand promises the highest quality cones to your customers and we believe it’s our responsibility to help your brand maintain and ensure those promises. We want your retailers and distributors to be proud to sell your brand and recommend your quality product.

The Mitra Prodin pre-roll guarantees an even burn, and a consistent product for our customers and your brand every single time. The market demand is for convenience, consistency and top quality – with Mitra Prodin, you know that your brand and your customers’ smoking experience is in safe, experienced hands from beginning to end.

Our pre-rolled cones are the only choice there is for customers and licensed producers who demand the highest elevated smoking experience. So, click here to talk to our cone gurus today about the cone needs of your brand.

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