Mitra Prodin & The John Fawcett Foundation

Imagine losing the ability to see the faces of your children or not being able to support your family as you want to? The John Fawcett Foundation works to give eyesight back to those who are caught in the cycle of poverty and blindness. Mitra Prodin is proud to support the John Fawcett Foundation in their efforts to restore the gift of sight for many.

‘They are blind because they are poor and they are poor because they are blind.’

– John Fawcett

October 13 is World Eyesight Day and with the theme of Love Your Eyes, it is a timely reminder of the valuable work done by the team at The John Fawcett Foundation. Mitra Prodin recently donated to the foundation to assist with cataract surgeries for their patients. The foundation offers assistance to those who are from a lower socio-economic demographic, their financial situation restricting their treatment if it wasn’t for the foundation.

The John Fawcett Foundation projects are based in Bali, with their programs targeted towards people who are economically disadvantaged – all their services are provided for free. These programs include Sight Restoration and Blindness Prevention, Children’s Corrective Surgery, Prosthetic Eyes and Technology Transfer.

The foundation is based in Sanur, Bali and has a mobile eye clinic that is equipped to carry out life-changing surgeries, reaching many that would be unable to travel a long distance. The team at Mitra Prodin feel fortunate that we are able to support this incredible work and we invite you to watch our video, a look at the life of one John Fawcett Foundation patient.

For more information on the foundation, please head to

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