Groundbreaking Ceremony: Mitra Prodin’s new pre-rolled cone manufacturing facility

In an increasingly competitive global market, Mitra Prodin have established themselves as industry leaders in pre-rolled cone manufacturing.

Beyond their impressive market reach in hand-rolled cones and cone-filling devices, Mitra Prodin is expanding local footprint and committed to corporate responsibility. A large part of this corporate responsibility is the provision of reliable employment and generous working conditions. That is why when Mitra Prodin needed to expand their manufacturing capabilities to keep up with demand, they looked to the area of Jembrana.

Thanks to its access to infrastructure, availability of land and labour, Jembrana was the perfect location for Mitra Prodin to expand its operations
Directors and representatives of Mitra Prodin stand in front of the location of the future factory
Nestled between the sea and the mountains,future employees will benefit from incredible views

Jembrana, in the South-West of Bali, like many other areas, has suffered from record unemployment and poverty levels during the pandemic. The people here have suffered as tourism dollars have plummeted and the rice export industry dropped off due to border closures.

Mitra Prodin saw an opportunity to revitalize the area of Jembrana by opening a new state-of-the-art pre-rolled cone manufacturing facility which will provide much needed stable income and industry to the region, independent of the tourism trade. The location of Jembrana, its access to infrastructure, availability of land and labor, and the progressive nature of its government, meant that it was the perfect location for Mitra Prodin to expand its operations.

Building the facility involved consultation with locals and community leaders at every step to ensure that the natural environment was protected, and community needs were at the forefront of planning.

The Regent of Jembrana I Nengah Tamba (Bupati Tamba) has largely contributed to the success of the expansion plans of the new pre-rolled cone factory
Mitra Prodin was honored to have so many supporting dignitaries join for the groundbreaking ceremony
The Deputy Governor of Bali, Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati (Cok Ace) appreciates the steps taken by PT Mitra Prodin to expand its investment to Jembrana Regency.

Bupati Tamba and his team’s exciting plans for the Regency inspired much of the design and planning for the Mitra Prodin factory, and after a year in planning, the first stages of construction on the factory, the important groundbreaking ceremony, commenced to great celebration and fanfare. 

Gathering on site to mark the occasion, were representatives from Mitra Prodin, who were warmly welcomed by the people and regional leaders. Officials from the government were there to mark the official commencement of construction of the largest pre-rolled cone factory in the world. And with the completion of ceremonies to bless the fertile grounds and environment, and appeal to the Gods for good fortune and protection, the ground was ‘broken’ and work was underway.

High Priest Ida Pedanda Nabe led a “Ngeruak” ritual, the spiritual request for permission from Dewi Sri, Goddess of Fertility to change the function of the land
Mitra Prodin Directors and representatives appealing to the Gods for good fortune and protection
Holy water “tirta” is destined to cleanse the land, and to purify the body and soul

It is estimated that investment into the factory will be in the order of 200 billion rupiahs, initially employing 4000 people in production, and expanding to 7000 as the facility reaches its full potential. With 97% of employees at Mitra Prodin made up of women, it’s an exciting time for families in the community who will have a reliable source of employment and comfortable working conditions.

This collaboration would not have been possible without the generous support of Bupati Tamba and his government. Mitra Prodin eagerly looks to the future as world leaders for the supply of hand-rolled paper cones and cone-filling machines, and the future of the Balinese people, which with such industry initiatives, looks brighter. 

Setting the first stone of the new facility of Mitra Prodin, the largest pre-rolled cone factory
The 22,000 square meter factory will create more than 6,000 jobs in the area
This expansion plan is not only the opportunity to expand our manufacturing capabilities but is also the opportunity to bring diversity to the Bali economy

We were honored to have so many supporting dignitaries and media join us for the groundbreaking ceremony and are pleased to show just some of the highlights in the images included in this article and in articles by the media present on that day.  

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