The Best Pre-Rolled Cone Machine for Professionals in 2022

The success of your brand of pre-rolled cones comes down to quality and supply – or your customers will go elsewhere. Having a ready supply of quality pre-rolled cones available ensures your brand is on everyone’s lips. But how do you guarantee this? What are all the professionals doing to keep their pre-rolls packed and ready to go?

The answer is the best pre-rolled cone filling machine in the industry. There are so many devices on the market that claim to pack the ultimate cone, but in a competitive industry consistency is key and no other machine will be able to consistently provide a perfectly packed cone. Or 100 perfectly packed cones in just minutes!

We are the inventor, exclusive manufacturer, and patent-owner of the technology behind the Knockbox and the Thumper. The Knockbox and the Thumper are bulk filling devices, offering excellence in automated filling and packing.

All of our bulk cones are compatible with the Knockbox 50, 100, 300 and 500, and the Thumper 100. These machines can fill hundreds of pre-rolled cones in less than 3 minutes, then all you need to do is twist and your cones are ready for business!

Our pre-rolled cone machines are an affordable solution to bulk filling, with flexibility in the cone sizes available, ease of use, and simple maintenance. For brands in the pre-rolled cone industry, this is the professionals’ choice for filling bulk cones with efficiency and precision.

For supplier information, head to our cone rolling machines page. 

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