Mitra Prodin Teams Helping Our Communities

The demand for excellence and the dedication of our teams has afforded Mitra Prodin the reputation of being the industry leader in pre-rolled cones. But did you know that our teams are also committed to helping our communities through sustainable and regular support programs?

Like the rest of the world, we watched in horror as the events in Ukraine unfolded, and we knew we had to help as much as we could. Mitra Prodin has partnered with Liga Tennis and been able to provide aid and welfare to the children in Ukraine impacted by the violence and turmoil. While we know so much more needs to be done, we will continue to help Ukrainian children and hope that the aid they receive helps them to survive the conflict in the region.  

Many of our community programs are supporting teams who do the daily and regular work; the unsung heroes who turn up every day, cleaning our environment, caring for the ill, or helping those less fortunate than us.

One of these programs sees Mitra Prodin providing monthly food packs to the river cleaning teams of Kesiman. Our waterways are vital to farming and agriculture, sustainable village life, and the health of the ecosystems that the waterways support. Pollution and plastic waste can have serious impacts on our rivers and the teams around Kesiman work tirelessly to keep the rivers clean. Each month Mitra Prodin provides food packs for these river teams to support the important work they do.

While COVID-19 numbers continue to improve, there are still families impacted by isolation due to the virus. In the event that insurance is limited, family care is not possible, or the means to earn an income is severely reduced, we provide food parcels every month via the City of Denpasar. The food parcels go to those in isolation, and their families, to aid in their recovery and the ability to provide for their loved ones.

Yayasan Cahaya Mutiara provides care, rehabilitation and assistance to over 40 people living with disabilities. The team at the charity organize activities and education for the people under their care while ensuring their medical and health needs are met. Each month we provide food parcels for these people as we know that nutritious food is important for a healthy and strong immune system. Charities like Cahaya Mutiara rely on community support to continue their life-changing work, so we are proud to be able to partner with them.

These are just a few of our current community service programs – we are proud of the commitment our teams make to serve within their communities and feel grateful that we are able to help. 

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