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What is the difference between white labeling and private labeling? It all comes down to manufacturing and marketing, and who owns the original designs. In the world of pre-rolled cones, this can be confusing. But as the pre-rolled cone specialists, we can help you navigate this!

The biggest difference is that white labeling involves a generic product being sold by several retailers or companies. Private labeling is where the product is exclusively made for one brand or company. But that’s not all.

White label pre-rolled cones

A white label product is a product that any company in the industry can use or sell, provided they make slight changes or modifications to the original design or packaging. White label products never go directly from the manufacturer to the end consumer, as there is always a product partner in the middle who assimilates the product into their own brand. The manufacturer’s name will never appear on the box of cones or filters. The manufacturer sells these products to retailers or companies who will then label them with their own company branding. 

So, what are the benefits of white labeling?
  • You get a ready-made, off-the-shelf product that you can label under your brand.
  • Manufacturers only sell to retailers or companies, and not directly to consumers.
  • As a brand owner, you have the (limited) opportunity to make some brand-specific changes to create a ‘unique’ product.
But, what’s the pitfall of white labeling pre-rolled cones?
  • The design and product can be cheaply copied.
  • Easy to create ‘knock-offs’ when it is a generic product.
  • White label cones have no manufacturer stamp or label, so it is difficult for preroll wholesalers to differentiate best quality pre-rolled cones from low-quality pre-rolled cones.

Private labeling pre-rolled cones

Private labeling is the area that Mitra Prodin specializes in. As the biggest pre-rolled cone manufacturer in the world, we are known for the exceptional quality of our customizable prerolls and filters. Private labeling means that our expertise in prerolls, cone filters, and customized packaging is shared with your business. With years of experience in pre-rolled cone manufacturing, we create highly customizable prerolls for wholesale supply. We produce the cones and packaging according to what you want, and we design and create the product specifically for your brand. In short, we label the cones and boxes under your name and brand, allowing you to sell the highest quality product in the industry.

So, what are the benefits of private labeling?
  • Your brand works with industry specialists in pre-rolled cone manufacturing and preroll production.
  • Quality is assured at every step of the way during the preroll manufacturing processes. Your pre-rolled cone supply is always the same impeccable quality.
  • Labeling and packaging are in your brand name and sent directly from the manufacturer to you, the brand owner. 
  • Your product is created by an existing manufacturer, removing the need for you to go into preroll production on your own – which can be a costly exercise to establish a production house. 
But, what’s the pitfall of private labeling pre-rolled cones?
  • Manufacturer dependency – so choose your partner wisely for the success of your pre-rolled cone brand.
  • Building brand loyalty is challenging, especially when you start from scratch, but not impossible. Check our Ultimate step-by-step guide to starting a successful pre-rolled cone brand for some helpful advice on how to enter the pre-rolled cone industry. 
  • As Mitra Prodin is the preroll industry expert in this area, you will never be satisfied with any other cone manufacturer… but that’s not a bad thing.

In a competitive marketplace, and especially in this booming industry, private labeling allows you to build the best brand of pre-rolled cones. Our years of experience, our team of pre-rolled cone specialists, your brand, and successful sales strategy – it’s a winning blend!

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